Development,  Consulting, Trading
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Already long established in different markets in Europe, South America and Asia, specially in China, we are offering our services. We also develop your idea, your draft, we support you to realize and finalize your project, for example sustainable energy projects. We are well networked with big producers and suppliers, e.g. when when you need certain products, parts etc.. IES is always “online”,  with our partners for best performance! We work with Energy related projects, as solar systems with photovoltaic panels, battery banks Commodities, such as beef, pork, chicken, sugar Life science, biotech, healthcare  etc. Tooling, mainly in for the plastic material industry and for aluminium die-casting Trading, we can deliver complete projects or parts, machinery, as generators, also hospital equipment, consumables Trading of houseware, food and beverages etc. on demand
Development, Consulting, Trading
© IES 2022